SINOMAX is committed to developing the highest quality mattresses and is also recommended by the Hong Kong Licensed Chiropractic Associationmemory foammattress brand,memory foamThe mattress has a temperature and pressure relief function. The mattress series includes single mattress, children's mattress and double mattress, all of which have passed the EU standard EN1957:2012 durability test, comfortable and breathable, healthy support, effectively improve low back pain and other problems, and improve the overall sleep quality.memory foamThe mattress series also provides a variety of mattress options of different thickness, hardness, support, and price, you can choose various mattresses according to your personal sleeping habits, and you can customize the mattress size. Shop now and enjoy a good night's sleep.

20-year Warranty

SINOMAX carefully manufactures each mattress with high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, and provides a 20-year warranty on selected mattresses. Specify mattress models, such as CEO x mattress series, Y-Magic mattress, President X mattress and other single or double mattresses, if the cotton core is 1.5 inches or more and cannot be rebounded, the mattress can be exchanged for depreciation (same size and model). 。 The warranty service includes free on-site inspection for the first year and can be enjoyed by customers as long as they present a valid purchase receipt during the warranty period. For details of our Warranty Mattress Collection, please refer to the Warranty Terms on our official website.

60-day trial

Sleep habits are different for everyone, so SINOMAX recommends mattresses with different prices and styles of hardness and softness. SINOMAX provides customers with a 60-day confidence guarantee plan, and can change the mattress style once for designated mattresses, so that customers can try it with peace of mind and choose the most suitable mattress for themselves. Offer is subject to terms.

SINOMAX uses high qualitymemory foamand exquisite craftsmanship carefully manufactures each mattress, and provides up to 20 years of warranty service for selected mattress series. The mattress warranty service includes free home inspection for the first year, and customers can enjoy the warranty service as long as they present a valid purchase receipt during the warranty period, so that you can use it with more peace of mind.

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